why comics?

I’ve loved and identified with clever and offbeat comics since I was little. Lately, I’d been feeling like I was losing my way amid dense media messages and pressure for an online presence. Last year, I remembered telling stories through comics, and I wondered if reviving my high school sketching tradition could also help me find a voice. So far, I’ve felt more like myself than I ever have sharing posts, blogging, or with art or writing by themselves.

Comics provide a unique way to add meaning to the small moments that make up our lives. Some are silent, like “Set them free”, and need you to interpret what’s happening, whereas others are more obvious. My daughter provides endless content, as do music, nature, and my annoyingly strong feelings.

I take comics more seriously than most – let me know if you’d like to chat about them.

I’m practicing drawing more realistically as well, but it’s partly so I can make better comics. I also enjoy urban sketching.

Other artists I enjoy: